Hiring a coach for your wedding guests might seem a little more “back-to-school” than “grown-up glamour” – but the truth is, coach hire can often be the most cost-effective, and convenient way of ferrying around your nearest and dearest!

Read on for our definitive guide on what to look for when hiring a coach for your big day. 

1. Think Practically! 

Yes, you might have your heart set on a vintage double-decker for your big day, but often, newer fleets of coaches have all the bells and whistles required to make your guests as comfortable as possible. For example, our 55 and 57 seater coaches boast Luxline Mercedes seats, charging ports, and even a fridge to hide your cheeky pre-reception celebratory drinks in.

The practicality of a large coach doesn’t end there! We’ve all been on the receiving end of a cancelled train, delayed flight, or car disaster. Why not cut out the risk factor by ensuring your guests are all in one place at one time? Even in the deepest depths of a Scottish winter, it would certainly take a lot for a coach to not make it out onto the road and to your destination, making it far more reliable than most other modes of transport.

2. Logistics are key 

So, maybe you and your partner aren’t the finest examples of talented navigators or the type of people who really paid much attention in Geography class. You love each other dearly but just about lose the plot when the other misses the right junction for the third time. Sound familiar? If it does, then the idea of organising travel for a large group of people will probably seem pretty daunting. Outsourcing this responsibility to a coach hire company means multiple drop-offs and pick-ups, a reliable and knowledgeable driver, and absolutely zero chance of accidentally ending up on the other side of the channel.

3. Keep an eye on cost

Hiring a coach is certainly one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your guests from one place to another. However, multiple drop off and pick ups will increase the cost of your hire, as well as the length of time you require the service for. If cash flow is a concern for your big day, then think about asking your guests to congregate at a couple of chosen pick-up points that are convenient for everyone to reduce the overall cost of your hire.


4. Choose the right company 

So, you’ve decided on coach hire for your wedding guests. Where do you start looking for the best deal? Well, we may be slightly biased, but our fleet of coaches offer the best in contemporary travel from 16 to 57 seats – look no further to ensure your guests travel in style, comfort, and safety on your big day. 

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