Weddings are a time to celebrate. For most of us, they are also a time of intense preparation, planning, and stress! The process of creating our most treasured memories often requires a lot of work. Making smart choices during your wedding planning can reduce stress on the big day, and minimise the risk of anything going wrong last minute! 

That’s where coach hire comes in. Here are our best reasons why you should hire a coach for a wedding.

1. You Don’t Need to Take a Chance on Your Guests’ Geographical Skills

Imagine spending the whole day sprucing yourself up, only to find out when the wedding bells start clanging that the best man is stuck somewhere 15 miles away, due to his poor sense of direction! Hiring a coach means that guests, who are often coming from different cities, don’t have to worry about being able to find your venue – for the ceremony or reception. Often, wedding venues in picturesque locations, or indeed busy urban ones, can be hard to find. In particular, older guests who may not be used to using satellite navigation systems in their vehicles may struggle to navigate unknown areas. Hiring a coach for a wedding means that all of your guests can be picked up – from individual hotels, or from a chosen landmark place (ie. airport, central station). This makes the experience less stressful for your guests, and ensures that everyone will arrive together, and on time! 

2. It’s Environmentally Friendly! 

Packing everyone onto one vehicle ensures that the carbon footprint of your wedding stays low. Having one coach instead of many couples arriving in cars means that parking issues are also kept to a minimum – venues often can’t accommodate for a huge amounts of parked cars, and this can become quite inconvenient at a busy wedding! Using a coach service means that no one will get a parking ticket because the only space available was next to a busy junction, or on the well-cared for front lawn of your venue (at your expense when the gardening bill comes in). 

3. Everyone Can Enjoy a Drink Responsibly 

Coach hire means that all of your guests can enjoy raising a glass to the happy couple, without having to worry about who needs to be assigned designated driver. It also means that you can absolutely guarantee that drink driving will not happen, and that everyone can fully enjoy the festivities. Additionally, weddings usually last all day and can be quite tiring. Having a coach service means that no one will need to drive home along country roads late at night whilst very tired, even if they haven’t been drinking.

If the benefits of coach hire on your wedding day aren’t obvious enough – get in touch with Hire Society. We can offer friendly advice and quotes to help you make the best choice for your wedding day.  

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